Immigration information - How employers can boost success rates when hiring foreign workers

February 27, 2015
As written in the March 2015 Smart Business Magazine Isabelle Bibet-Kalinyak, Attorney, Health Care and Labor & Employment practice groups, Brouse McDowell, LPA

American companies, small and large, need foreign workers to fulfill critical needs in the technical, medical and business sector. Additionally, many CEOs would like to have a more diverse workforce, including at the board level.

However they are often hesitant to recruit foreign talent "because they view the immigration process as an impediment," says Isabelle Bibet-Kalinyak, an Immigration and Health Care Corporate Attorney at Brouse McDowell.

"This is especially true in the manufacturing sector. The technical and medical sectors just have no choice because they need that talent to remain competitive in their respective fields."

Also, U.S. manufacturers can easily and cost-effectively take advantage of social media to achieve their goal of a more diverse workforce. 

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