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Patents can be a significant tool to protect innovation because they prevent others from making and selling your idea. Patents span a wide variety of technical areas including mechanical devices, electrical devices, chemical compositions, and even some software applications. Even certain novel methodologies and processes are potentially patentable. At Brouse, we help you determine where to start the process by matching your invention to a registered patent attorney with similar technical knowledge. In addition to drafting patent applications, our registered patent attorneys routinely perform searches to provide you with the status of the technology area, determining whether or not you can launch your invention without fear of infringing on another patent owner’s rights, and simply whether or not we believe your invention will be awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We also guide you through the decision making process of which type of patent application to file. Your customized solution will allow you to allocate resources to enable growth of your business.

Chemical Patents

Chemical patents may include applications from organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and biochemistry. Chemical patents cross many fields and industries, including polymer science, pharmaceuticals, coatings, food science, flavorings, preservatives, catalysts, and green chemistry. These patents may provide a particular composition of matter or a specified processing of chemical components. Chemical patents can guard against competitors who reverse engineer a product and try to copy it. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help our clients protect their intellectual property in chemical applications and maximize their competitive advantage.

Medical Devices

Medical and mobile medical devices have been drawing an increasing amount of attention in recent years, cross-industry, including plastics, manufacturing, biomedical, technology and more. Brouse McDowell counsels medical device manufacturers on a wide range of legal issues, including the protection of their intellectual property. We pursue patent protection for the functionality and operation of medical devices, trademark protection for the brand names and slogans, and copyright protection for the accompanying literature, including marketing materials and operator’s manuals.

When manufacturers contract with hospitals and other facilities for the purchase of medical devices, we work closely with Brouse McDowell’s Health Care practice group to assist clients in negotiation of purchase agreements, as well as counsel clients on Anti-Kickback Statute compliance, Medicare/Medicaid regulatory requirements, and privacy issues.

We also counsel research institutions and clinical investigators on the legal and regulatory issues presented by clinical trials of medical devices. We draft, review, and advise institutions on research agreements related to investigational medical devices to protect our clients’ interests and to ensure regulatory compliance. We counsel institutional review boards regarding informed consent, HIPAA compliance, and adverse reporting obligations. Two of our attorneys are members of an institutional review board and are familiar with the regulatory challenges and requirements of clinical trials.