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Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Brouse has been involved in many of the largest and most complex bankruptcy cases in Northeast Ohio, including Revco, Republic Technologies International, LLC, Copperweld Steel Company, PharMor, Grand Eagle Companies and many others.  Brouse McDowell has served as debtor’s counsel in numerous other bankruptcy cases in the Northern District of Ohio, including Cold Metal Products, Commercial Alloys Corporation, Flower Factory, Northeastern Real Properties, Ltd. (aka J.J. Detweiler), B&C Corporation, B&C Machine Co., Dana Lewis McDonalds, and Michael Day Enterprises, Inc.  This list includes most of the Chapter 11 cases in the Northern District of Ohio in the last several years that have resulted in successful reorganization plans.

In addition, Brouse appears in U.S. Bankruptcy Courts throughout the country on behalf of clients asserting claims, seeking relief from stay, protecting their interests in executory contracts and leases, participating as creditors in reorganizations, defending adversary proceedings, and purchasing or bidding on assets being sold by bankruptcy estates.  Our lawyers regularly appear before the United States Bankruptcy Courts located in Ohio, representing reorganizing companies, unsecured creditors, official committees of unsecured creditors and trustees on all issues arising under Chapter 7 liquidations and Chapter 11 business reorganizations. 

We are experienced in defending preference and fraudulent transfer litigation, obtaining relief from the automatic stay, and enforcing creditors’ rights in bankruptcy courts.  We are also well-versed in the sale and acquisition of troubled and insolvent companies, including transactions involving reorganization.