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Environmental Outlook
A Legal Perspective on Environmental Compliance

Staying current on environmental laws can be difficult. Environmental regulations seem to be constantly changing, so staying up-to-date may feel like a herculean task for some companies. In Brouse McDowell’s monthly publication the “Environmental Outlook”, we will provide updates on the ever-changing landscape of environmental regulations on both the state and federal levels, and will offer insights into specific environmental issues faced by companies.

This publication will introduce you to Brouse McDowell’s environmental practice. Our attorneys have the depth and capacity to handle the wide array of environmental issues that can arise in the ordinary course of business. We will work with you to resolve environmental issues so you can achieve your business goals. We can assist in permitting new projects, developing solutions for cost-effective cleanup of Brownfields properties, offer guidance on achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance, and support necessary due diligence needed for acquisitions.

It is our hope that this publication can help you stay informed and maintain compliance with applicable regulations, thus reducing the risk of enforcement for potential violations and any possible civil or criminal penalties that could arise from such violations.

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