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Negotiations and Elections

We have extensive experience in labor negotiations, representing various industry groups throughout the country.  Our experience, combined with our access to a comprehensive database, provides our clients with the information and leverage they need to evaluate the equities of a fair deal.  Our labor agreements are drafted with a view to ensure labor stability by minimizing ambiguous contract interpretation issues that might result in arbitration.

We also handle complex union election campaigns against international unions, involving the coordination of numerous other skilled professionals, including accountants, data analysts, graphic designers, web masters, persuaders, psychologists, sociologists, labor historians and public relations professionals.  We also provide strategies to combat salting, union corporate campaign tactics and union “beach heading” by pro-union minority factions in the one-year election bar period after a union election loss.  From preventing unionization to dealing with active union campaigns and litigation concerning questions of representation, our practice covers every facet of union elections.