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Podcast: Health Care Checkup - Nurse Practitioner Clinics

By Laura F. Fryan on March 7, 2019

The Issue.
Nurse practitioner clinics are popular approaches to healthcare delivery. Opening a clinic requires nurse practitioners, physicians and entrepreneurs to balance medical care with the business of medicine -- details many health care providers are unfamiliar with.

Why It’s Important.
Operating a profitable and compliant health care facility requires a solid plan at the outset that considers potential legal challenges, tax laws, human resource policies, risk management, state regulations and a myriad of other issues. Taking the right steps at the beginning will ensure the day-to-day focus can be on patient care, rather than business operations.

Short Answer.
This podcast features the key steps a health care provider will need to take to open a nurse practitioner clinic. Learn the differences between various corporate structures and what to think about when deciding on a payment model. And, understand how the scope of your practice could be determined by state laws and regulations. Finally, identify a team of professional advisors which is an important first step in developing a business plan; they can become an indispensable resource for you.

This Podcast is intended to provide information generally and to identify general legal requirements. It is not intended as a form of, or as a substitute for legal advice. Such advice should always come from in-house or retained counsel. Moreover, if this Podcast in any way seems to contradict the advice of counsel, counsel's opinion should control over anything written herein. No attorney-client relationship is created or implied by this Podcast.
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