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Partner Libby Schultz-Horbus Provides Commentary for LexisNexis' Commercial Leasing Report

April 5, 2022

Brouse McDowell Partner Libby Schultz-Horbus was interviewed by LexisNexis for the 2022 edition of its recently released Commercial Leasing Report on the evolving commercial leasing market. This report draws on recent interviews with seasoned commercial leasing attorneys and data from Practical Guidance’s Private Market Data: Commercial Leasing data bank to provide a look at last year’s trends in commercial leasing.

When asked about the impact COVID-19 is currently having on landlord-tenant relationships, Libby noted that “… I am not seeing a lot of changes to lease agreements reflecting COVID-related provisions.” She continued on to say, “Other than shorter leases and easier exits, the last dozen leases I have reviewed have not really had many COVID-specific terms in them.”

When asked about the changes COVID-19 has had on physical space, Libby stated an alteration she has seen is the “Office sharing/hotel style office set up” where people check out an office to use for the day, and work from home on other days. She noted that “This allows for a smaller tenant footprint.”

The effect on physical space is not just limited to office spaces either. When looking at industrial spaces, she has actually seen a larger tenant footprint as “… clients have to re-work space to keep employees apart while running large machinery.” Regarding warehouse space, she added, “Clients who have had trouble obtaining raw materials are looking for places to store mass quantities of supplies when they are able to get their hands on the products they need.”

To preview the report, click here.

To view the full report, please complete the Private Market Data: Commercial Leasing Questionnaire here.

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