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Podcast: Health Care Checkup - Legal Barriers Affecting Physician Mental Health

By Jenifer Haller-Hill, JH Coaching & Consulting, LLC on December 7, 2020

During this unique pandemic time, mental health and well-being are as critical as ever. Physicians in particular have been positioned to be super-human in their treatment and management of COVID-19, yet they too are experiencing the same personal effects this pandemic is having on our lives. More than ever, physicians need to be able to obtain the necessary mental health support for their own well-being.

Guest Jenifer Haller-Hill, executive coach and licensed counselor, and Nicole Thorn, health care attorney, discuss the one common issue physicians cite as a barrier to obtaining mental health support—fear of licensure suspension or revocation. Join us in this timely podcast to learn more about this critical issue to healthcare professionals. 

This Podcast is intended to provide information generally and to identify general legal requirements. It is not intended as a form of, or as a substitute for legal advice. Such advice should always come from in-house or retained counsel. Moreover, if this Podcast in any way seems to contradict the advice of counsel, counsel's opinion should control over anything written herein. No attorney-client relationship is created or implied by this Podcast.
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