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Podcast: OCIP / CCIP Coverage

By Amanda M. Leffler & Marc Holland on August 07, 2018

The Issue. Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) and Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs (CCIP), both also known as “Wrap-ups,” have become more and more common. There is still some disconnect within the construction industry as to coverage within these “master insurance policies” that are specifically dedicated only to a particular project or project grouping.

Why It’s Important.
While the coverage provided under the wrap-up is typically broader than a contractor’s own policy(ies), wrap-ups present unique challenges and it is important to let your insurance broker know when you may become a party to a project performed under a wrap-up.

Short Answer.
Have your policy(ies) reflect that they will protect you for losses exceeding the wrap-up and extend to Completed Operations following the expiration of the wrap-up policy. Get a copy of the wrap-up policy for your own internal file. You are an insured under the wrap-up policy and you have a right to have a copy.

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