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Real Estate & Construction

In the life of any business, and particularly as companies expand, leasing and owning real estate are important considerations. Real estate transactions are as diverse as the organizations and people who transact them.  Brouse represents owners, developers, investors, lenders, borrowers and businesses in commercial, residential and industrial real estate projects and transactions.  We provide our clients with legal counsel, practical guidance and extensive experience in navigating all stages of a real estate transaction.

Our real estate practice has been involved in numerous landmark real estate developments across the region and country.  We have assisted in the formation of business entities for the purpose of buying, selling, leasing and financing real estate projects.  We have broad experience in diverse forms of real estate finance, representing both lenders and borrowers in acquisition and development loans, construction loans, permanent financing and economic incentives.

On the acquisition side, we assist in the purchase of all types of real estate, from raw land to fully improved and occupied projects. Included among our clients are major developers of commercial, residential, retail and industrial projects.  In addition, we represent contractors and real estate professionals, as well as entities whose primary business is not real estate (retail tenants, governmental entities, etc.).

We work closely as a team with other practice groups and lawyers within the firm to develop and implement creative and practical approaches in assisting our clients with their real estate needs.  With our litigation practice group, we have assisted clients in resolving construction and zoning disputes. With our commercial practice group, we regularly provide our experience in dealing with real estate in the bankruptcy court or in work-out situations.  With our environmental practice group, we work closely in handling all environmental issues and challenges that arise in dealing with real estate.  With our tax lawyers, we structure real estate transactions to take full advantage of the tax laws.