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Sexual Harassment and Misconduct in the Workplace is Making the Headlines Everyday

By Christopher J. Carney, Kerri L. Keller & Christopher J. Carney, R. Scot Harvey and Kerri L. Keller on December, 1, 2017

“NBC News Fires Matt Lauer over Sexual Misconduct Allegation”
The New York Times

“NPR chief news editor David Sweeney is ousted after sexual harassment allegations”

Los Angeles Times

“Roy Price resigns from Amazon Studios amid sexual harassment allegations”
The Washington Post

The post-Harvey Weinstein allegations of sexual misconduct are flooding in. In fact, USA Today recently published an article informing employees of the steps they can take if they were sexually harassed or assaulted at work.

It is imperative that employers understand what sexual harassment is. They must also educate their managers and supervisors on this topic, and they must have plans and policies in place that protect everyone.

Brouse McDowell is here to help supervisory
and management personnel.

Given the heightened awareness now on this issue, we offer – and recommend – our training course:

Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment –
Awareness of and Sensitivity to Proper Workplace Behavior

This training is designed to teach:

• What sexual harassment and “hostile work environment” are and how to recognize more subtle & problematic types of conduct;
• How to identify the risk areas and what steps to take to avoid the risk;
• How to avoid employer liability, as well as how to keep the work environment safe;
• How to conduct the preliminary investigation and how to resolve
issues early;
• How to develop the skills to deal with harassment at the outset; and
• How to recognize other types of discriminatory & inappropriate
workplace behaviors.

Please call to schedule time for this important learning opportunity.

Christopher J. Carney  216.830.6825
R. Scot Harvey 330.535.5711
Kerri L. Keller  330.434.7250

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