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Stephen Bond Comments on Ohio's Evolving Mask Requirements in Akron Beacon Journal

April 29, 2020

Partner Steve Bond commented on the State of Ohio’s guidance on the use of masks in the workplace, published on April 29, 2020 by the Akron Beacon Journal and the Canton Repository.

The article titled “Here’s what you need to know about mask requirements in Ohio” talks about this week’s guidance from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on the use of masks in the workplace by employees and customers. During the daily briefing on April 29, Ohio Lt. Gov Jon Husted said face masks are required for employees in the workplace, with a few exceptions such as if the job has a regulation prohibiting the use of a face mask, if it is against documented best practices, if it is not advisable for health purposes or if an employee is sitting alone in an enclosed work space. Customers should wear a face mask, but it’s not required, and state officials said that businesses can require customers to wear a mask for service.

Steve Bond discusses the State’s guidance that has been changing daily. He said he talked to a client Tuesday, but got an email from her Wednesday morning that said she was reading something different on the state’s website.

“That’s the problem,” said Bond, whose firm has offices in Northern Ohio from Toledo to Youngstown and represents small, medium and large companies. “We can only tell them what we’re seeing. ... Time is running out for businesses trying to start opening on Monday.”

Bond notes “the state will likely be hoping for voluntary compliance from companies. If the health department gets a complaint about a business not complying, the department likely will talk to this company about what they need to do. He comments that “DeWine thinks businesses likely will want to require that customers wear masks so that patrons will feel safe frequenting the business” and “places that require masks to be worn could provide them to people who don’t have them, though the state hasn’t required this step.”

Click here to read the article in the Akron Beacon Journal.

Click here to read the article in the Canton Repository.

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