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Webinar - Finding Plan Issues *Before* the DOL Does - Top Three Areas to Review Now!

April 22, 2014

The United States Department of Labor Employee Benefit Security Administration (DOL) has been adding hundreds of investigators to its staff. DOL investigations have increased significantly and nearly 75% of the civil investigations conducted in 2010 resulted in findings of one or more violations.

Hear from experts on how to lower your Plan’s Audit Profile. This one hour webinar will touch on: 

  • Fiduciary responsibilities - are you doing all that you should?
  • Plan documents and disclosures
  • Operational consistency

Our speakers are available during and after the webinar for your specific questions:

Dana Howell, Manager of ERISA and Employee Benefit Plan Group at BCG & Company

Peter Littlejohn, Managing Director at Retirement Benefits Group

Michael J. Olah, J.D., LL.C. Retirement Benefits Group

Terry Vincent, Esq. Partner at Brouse McDowell

Kerri Keller, Esq. Partner at Brouse McDowell

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