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  • May 1, 2022
    Stepping Off on the Right Foot to Protect Your Squad When Arranging for or Streaming Your Band
    In addition to providing outstanding legal services to our clients, the attorneys and staff at Brouse McDowell have long valued serving our communities. Brouse Partner Matthew Vansuch, along with Brouse Summer Associate Joan Reardon, co-authored an article in the April/May 2022 edition of the Ohio Music Education Association's Triad magazine.
  • February 24, 2022
    The Corporate Transparency Act: Reporting Requirements and Burdens for Small Businesses
    In this article Thomas A. Gattozzi and Louis P. Alexander, Jr. discuss notations within the CTA and the additional administrative work, compliance costs, and compulsory disclosure and loss of anonymity that will affect how small businesses operate, and the impact it will have on the real estate industry.
  • February 2022
    Managing Supply-Chain Risks Through Insurance
    For most familiar with the ebbs and flows of the modern global supply chain, the concept of "supply-chain disruption" often brings to mind natural disasters, cyberattacks, geopolitical instability or unrest, or other localized events. This article by Joe Cole and Lisa Whitacre looks at managing these supply-chain risks through various types of insurance policies and whether or not they are likely to provide coverage for such risks.
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