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Joint Ventures & Venture Capital

Growing businesses are continually seeking new ways to bring products and services to the global market quickly and efficiently.  Many companies have been able to effectively leverage their assets and operations by partnering with other companies that have complementary products and services.  Corporate partnering may be as simple as contracting to outsource a non-core activity, license a new technology or obtain a long-term product supply; or it may lead to a greater depth of collaboration through formation of a new business organization combining the strengths of both partners.

Brouse has extensive experience in working with our clients to launch joint ventures and strategic alliances.  Effective joint venture strategy requires careful attention to the unique needs, goals and strengths of both parties, and an ability to look past a “cookie cutter” approach.  We help our clients identify their objectives, analyze the most appropriate form and scope of joint business activity, define the milestones to measure progress, and, in the end, form a business structure that accomplishes their needs.  We understand the value of simple, flexible relationships that can adapt to changing business conditions and respond to the needs of the business partners.

We help clients negotiate investment terms with venture capital sources that meet their capital needs while maximizing their flexibility.  We also assist clients in making venture capital investments as a financial investment or as a strategic investment in an industry.