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Labor & Employment Alert: Guidance on Ohio Unemployment Compensation

By Stephen P. Bond on March 31, 2020

For employers contemplating/in the midst of instituting layoffs/furloughs, the State is requesting that you provide your laid off employees with notice of this number (2000180) to be used by them in applying for unemployment benefits.  The State also asks that you refer employees to their Instructions, which can be accessed here and which looks like this: 

This information will assist your employees in accessing their benefits, with the loosened requirements more expeditiously.      

This information dovetails with the State’s instructions to employees, which can be found here.

and which looks like this:

You can also send your employees to this site to find further instructions as to how to complete their application, which looks like this:

You should also be aware that COVID-19-affected contributory employers will receive regular monthly charge statements, but these charges will be charged to the mutual account and not the employer’s account. (Reimbursing employers will follow existing charging requirements under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4141.)



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