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Litigation Management

We have extensive experience managing the complex discovery issues that arise when lawsuits with similar allegations are filed in multiple jurisdictions across the country. We are up-to-date (and in the fray) on the emerging issues and technology associated with the preservation, collection, and review of electronically-stored information (ESI). Our litigation management practice group assists clients in:

  • formulating a national defense strategy;
  • preserving, collecting and reviewing information that is potentially responsive to discovery requests and information that supports the client’s position and strategy;
  • creating electronically searchable databases and, in the process, identifying information protected by law from disclosure to third-parties;
  • protecting trade secrets and commercially-sensitive proprietary information by obtaining and enforcing protective orders and redaction of core trade secret information;
  • tracking the dissemination of proprietary information when courts allow discovery and collecting that information at the conclusion of the case;
  • coordinating with trial counsel to ensure that consistent litigation strategies are employed and that all discovery responses and legal arguments are consistent, accurate and complete; and
  • avoiding unnecessary costs by maintaining a database of legal memoranda, maintaining online dockets and calendars and communicating constantly with the client and trial counsel.
Members of our group also speak regularly on litigation management topics including strategies to manage results and control costs, discovery sanctions, use of expert witnesses, and the impact of venue on national defense strategies.