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Litigation Management

With decades of collective experience, our team develops and coordinates discovery and litigation strategies with trial counsel across the U.S. and successfully handles complex discovery issues and projects. Our discovery professionals ensure consistency in discovery and defense strategies across cases while allowing flexibility depending on the jurisdiction and case-specific facts. We are up-to-date on emerging discovery issues and develop and implement defensible discovery practices, including information preservation, search and review protocols, and procedures to ensure protection of privileged information, including trade secrets.

We regularly assist trial counsel in the following areas:
  • formulating and implementing a defense strategy;
  • preparing discovery objections and responses;
  • drafting discovery-related motions;
  • collecting and reviewing information that is potentially responsive to discovery requests;
  • identifying information that supports the client’s position and strategy;
  • preparing productions of non-privileged responsive information;
  • protecting trade secrets and other confidential and proprietary information by obtaining and enforcing protective orders and redacting protected information;
  • preparing corporate representatives for deposition; and
  • tracking the dissemination of proprietary information and collecting confidential information at the conclusion of the case.