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Marc Merklin Provides Advice for New Attorneys in Cleveland Jewish News

April 16, 2023

Brouse McDowell partner Marc Merklin recently spoke to Cleveland Jewish News to provide valuable advice for new lawyers. Touching on a variety of topics from building a practice and professionalism, to work-life balance and mental health, Marc covers 10 key points he believes are crucial for new lawyers beginning their careers.

Being a good lawyer is not just about learning the law, Marc says, but also learning how to be a problem solver. He noted that being the smartest person in the world doesn’t matter if a lawyer can’t solve the client’s problems. He also adds that the client base won’t come automatically, saying that a new lawyer must be actively meeting new people in their community and the field they are interested in. He suggests focusing on a specific area of practice instead of trying to be “everything to everyone.” He also said that it is important to remember that being a lawyer is a profession, not a job as you are providing a professional service. This means being a professional in everything you do, which requires being honest and ethical.

One of the best ways to navigate these crucial years of a lawyer’s career, Marc says, is finding a mentor either in your firm that you practice with, or another lawyer in the community that is willing to help you develop as a lawyer. He adds that not only should you find a mentor, but also a peer or younger lawyer junior to yourself that you can grow with and develop your careers together.

Marc points out that not only professionalism and development are important to new lawyers, but also taking care of your mental health by giving time to yourself and your family. He also says that being happy where you are practicing is more important than practicing where you can make the most money. He added that you won’t be successful if you are not happy.

To read the full article on Cleveland Jewish News Online, click here.

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