Receiverships | Brouse McDowell | Ohio Law Firm


The lawyers at Brouse are experienced in handling a variety of receivership matters in state and federal court, representing receivers, creditors, and owners.  Our attorneys have received numerous court-appointments as receivers, as special masters, and as a U.S. District Court Master Commissioner in a variety of matters.  Master Commissioner matters include receiverships over residential properties, condominium developments, commercial office buildings, a continuing care retirement community, and other commercial real estate as well as administering the appraisal, advertising, and sale of residential and commercial properties involved in U.S. District Court foreclosure cases.

We are experienced with all aspects of receiverships, including court administration, asset protection, asset sales, property management, fiscal oversight, forensic investigation, litigation, and claims administration.

In addition to facilitating receiverships, we also have extensive experience in contesting receiverships that have resulted in abuses, both on behalf of owners and secured creditors.  For example, on behalf of a secured creditor, we successfully contested and set aside a receiver’s sale of property free and clear of the client’s mortgage on the grounds that the receiver’s sale was conducted without adequate due process, establishing the standard for real property receivership sales in Ohio.