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Trade Secret and Non-Competition

As the portability of proprietary information increases, so does the risk that former employees will inappropriately use confidential company information.  As a result, protecting such proprietary information has become a critical part of doing business.

We assist our clients in developing a trade secret protection program that identifies their unique and valuable business, manufacturing and marketing data, and then define the best mechanism to safeguard that information.  Such safeguarding measures include developing policies and procedures to protect against the use of trade secrets by vendors and customers, as well as disclosure via the Internet.  When litigation is necessary to protect a company’s trade secrets, we quickly initiate action to fix the problem, including seeking the necessary injunctive relief to limit dissemination of the information.  In some instances, we are also called upon to protect departing employees from employers who improperly seek to restrict the individual’s right to work because of contentions that the former employee will use company trade secrets at their new job.