Start with a plan - Construction projects must include strong planning to achieve your goals

February 02, 2015
As written in the February 2015 Smart Business Magazine
James T. Dixon, Partner, Litigation practice group, Brouse McDowell, LPA

Construction contractors understand that a project is a fluid operation requiring a great deal of planning and leadership to arrive at a finished product that meets expectations. It’s a detail that companies that aren’t in the construction industry can easily forget.

“Larger companies do a lot of building and expanding, so they have internal expertise on how to do it right,” says James T. Dixon, a partner at Brouse McDowell.

“But middle market and smaller companies have their core competency and are focused on that. They don’t have somebody in-house who knows how to build anything.” Those who don’t seek help in the early stages of a project often find themselves reaching out to their legal counsel when problems arise.

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